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As my link now appears on the web page of Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (Universiti Hospital) it is therefore my fervent hope that with the creation of another blog by me entitled "My Journey with Mum and MDS", that my story may shed you some support and enlighten those whose loved ones and their caretakers are undergoing during this period of convolution.

However, please do remember that articles written by me are based strictly on my personal experience and the views expressed by me are strictly my personal opinion. Please DO consult the professionals in the field of medicine for verification and authenticity as I do not claim to be an expert in the field of medicine.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Looking around for cheap open space parking within the vicinity of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (“KLCC”) proved futile thus leaving us with no alternative but to park inside Suria KLCC which can be rather expensive.  Even the more expensive covered car park lots of KLCC were also full.  The influx of visitors to this area could probably due to the Homedec Exhibition and that’s exactly where I wanted to go!

But before visiting the Exhibition and since both hubby and I were famished, we scouted around for cheap meals inside Suria KLCC but couldn’t find any!  Eating inside the shopping mall of Suria KLCC is never cheap.  Any KLlites would testify to that!

In the end, we went to Spring Garden with the hope of eating dim sum which would be the cheapest deal we could get.  

Located on the 4th Floor

Well, I don’t know whether RM79.10 is considered cheap to you but it sure is expensive to me.  The price is inclusive of government and service taxes, Chinese tea, wet towels and tidbits.  And the dishes we ordered were:-

This is cucumber and black fungus in black vinegar sauce and sprinkle with garlic.  It is extremely sour but serves as a good appetizer! Price - RM10.00

Steam beancurd roll.  The filling consists of minced prawns, strips of carrot and sengkuang (turnips). Price - RM7.80

"char siew pau" - steam bbq chicken bun very nice - RM7.80

"lo mai kai" - steam chicken glutinous rice and it's delicious - RM7.80

A dish which we weren't aware that shark's fin would be in it.  It's call Chinese herbal soup dumpling served with just 1 large prawn and 1 scallop.  The dumpling inside consists of fish maw and chicken strips and it's very delicious despite the fact that no herbal taste in the soup could be detected.  Price - RM16.80

Sweet potato and ginseng dessert.  The creamy soup is actually blended sweet potato.  Ginseng taste wasn't felt at all!  Price - RM8.00

Tidbits comprising long beans, 'taupok' and cracker mixed with sweet sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds - RM5.00
This restaurant does not serve pork and is therefore open to Muslims as well.

Petronas Twin Towers
Coming out from KLCC, we chose to walk on the outside where the park is and this is my first time taking a picture of the Petronas Twin Tower and at such close range.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hubby and I were on our way back to our old house when we decided to check out this new restaurant, Canton Village, which opened not too long ago.

Canton Village is a branch of this restaurant we went to at Bukit Tinggi.  They also have a branch in Wangsa Maju.  However, this Canton Village here adopts a different concept from the parent outlets.

At the parent outlets, they prepare their signature dishes that compliment well with rice or noodles.  Whereas over here at Canton Village, the menu presents more of hawker style orders.  One could order individual bowls of noodles or rice and the serving is for one person.

It being a hot day, hubby and I decided to try out their plain porridge with few dishes like the taufoo, fried fish, hard-boiled egg and a plate of stir fried vegetable.  The soy sauce for the taufoo and hard-boiled egg goes very well with the plain porridge.  

The vegetable was well done and had the ‘fragrance’ from the heat of the wok (“wok hei”).  The vegetable is grown by themselves in their own plot of land in Bentong and is pesticide free.  The fried fish is just ordinary with fried ginger strips over it.

They even make their very own “char siew pau” – from the flour to the pork filling.  I ordered one just to check it out and it was nice.  However the photo taken turned out blur. *sigh*  Actually, the noodles too are all made by themselves.

Overall the meal was satisfying.  And the bill?  Reasonable at RM23.00.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The other day, I left this bag outside my house to be collected by the garbage collector.

But before it could be disposed off, the security guard came by and ♫ ding dong ding dong ♫.  So I went out to see what he wanted and the following is the conversation exchanged between the guard and I:-

Guard: Someone delivered your dog's food and left it outside.

Me: No, the food inside the bag is finished and I have stuffed my rubbish inside to be thrown away.

Guard: But isn't this his (pointing at my dog, Max) food?

Me: Ya but no more food already.

Guard: (while carrying the bag up) But it's heavy.

Me: Ya, rubbish inside.

Guard: Is it? (not believing me, he unzip the bag).  Ah ah, yeah la rubbish only inside.

Guard and me exchanged our smiles and off he went ... *phew*.  Incidentally, this is the same guard that rang my doorbell the last time to inform me to keep the clothes as it was drizzling.  Isn't it nice to have such caring people around?  I do hope the guards continue to be on their alert as they are now!

(By the way, the above conversation was carried out in Malay).


Three years ago your plan on where and how to celebrate your 75th birthday was rundown as God had better plan for you.  He sent His angels to lead you home to be with our Heavenly Father.  Mum, as the Lord pours out the blessing of heaven upon you, I pray that the name of the Lord be your strong mighty tower and that He may grant you your heart’s deepest dreams and desires.


Mum, let me share this is beautiful song which is now very commonly sung at mass:   As the Deer

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


This place Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice, has many a time been mentioned in newspapers and many bloggers too have blogged about it. Therefore I am no exception in my thirst for wanting to try out this place and putting my two cents worth.

To begin with, hubby and I took quite a while in locating this place and it being a Sunday, traffic was rather busy as the Pudu wet market is very nearby.  The shop is located just beside a flyover but luckily it is air-conditioned and with the charcoal stoves placed outside along the corridor.  Yes, they use charcoals for cooking the claypot rice thus giving it that added oomph And the unique feature about this claypot cooking is that they even have the glowing charcoals placed over and on top of the claypot!  This is to ensure that the rice together with the chicken pieces and slices of sausage inside gets cooked evenly and are well infused with the flavouring.

There is no printed menu for us to see.  They have however hung on the wall photos of dishes that are available in this shop besides the infamous claypot chicken rice.

Besides having the claypot chicken rice with salted fish, we tried out also their blanch vegetables with oyster sauce (which they kept to a minimum) and the vinegar pork trotters (chee keok chor) which lacked the tang of ginger probably due to the fact that they used ginger slices instead of those whole chunky ones but otherwise the ratio of the sourness is well balanced.  We also tried out their fried chicken wing and on a scale of 10 I would give it a 6.5.  However the drink buah kedondong (ambarella fruit) with suen mui (sour plum) is awesome!  Truly refreshing after a heavy meal and it’s a must to have when in this shop.  The lady boss, Madam Heun, uses only fresh fruit to extract its juice unlike some other restaurants where they use the ready bottled artificial flavouring.

 Hope to return to try out the other dishes soon .......

Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice
No. 59 Ground Floor, Jalan Yew
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 9200 1603
Mobile: 012 208 9123

Business Hours: 11 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
(closed on Thursday – every 1st & 3rd week)

P/s:  I’m not paid to promote this place.  The views expressed here are my own personal and may differ from that of yours.