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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hubby and I were on our way back to our old house when we decided to check out this new restaurant, Canton Village, which opened not too long ago.

Canton Village is a branch of this restaurant we went to at Bukit Tinggi.  They also have a branch in Wangsa Maju.  However, this Canton Village here adopts a different concept from the parent outlets.

At the parent outlets, they prepare their signature dishes that compliment well with rice or noodles.  Whereas over here at Canton Village, the menu presents more of hawker style orders.  One could order individual bowls of noodles or rice and the serving is for one person.

It being a hot day, hubby and I decided to try out their plain porridge with few dishes like the taufoo, fried fish, hard-boiled egg and a plate of stir fried vegetable.  The soy sauce for the taufoo and hard-boiled egg goes very well with the plain porridge.  

The vegetable was well done and had the ‘fragrance’ from the heat of the wok (“wok hei”).  The vegetable is grown by themselves in their own plot of land in Bentong and is pesticide free.  The fried fish is just ordinary with fried ginger strips over it.

They even make their very own “char siew pau” – from the flour to the pork filling.  I ordered one just to check it out and it was nice.  However the photo taken turned out blur. *sigh*  Actually, the noodles too are all made by themselves.

Overall the meal was satisfying.  And the bill?  Reasonable at RM23.00.


Kak Teh said...

A meal for rm23? That's our plate of nasi goreng kampong.

ilene said...

hahaha Kak Teh, that's the wonders of 1Malaysia?! Nasi goreng kampong here is only RM4.50. Wait one day I shall take pic and tease you with it! :)